What is a Retina Specialist?

A retina specialist is a medical doctor who has specialized in ophthalmology and sub-specialized in diseases and surgery of the vitreous body of the eye and the retina. This subspecialty is sometimes known as vitreoretinal medicine.

Why should I see a Retina Specialist?

Retina specialists are the most highly qualified and skilled eye specialists in managing wet macular degeneration, retinal detachments, vein occlusions, retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy and a host of other potentially blinding retina conditions. If you develop retina problem, talk to your primary care eye doctor to see if they advise seeing a retina specialist.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments may be scheduled by calling the office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online.

  • Brooklyn: (718) 376-3223
  • Manhattan: (212) 861-9797
  • White Plains: (914) 422-9797
I have a new patient appointment, what time should I arrive and how long will I wait?

Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants uses the latest technology to ensure you are receiving the highest standard of care. However, a retinal examination takes longer than the average general eye exam. From initial work up, diagnostic testing, and thorough examination by board certified retina specialist, a new patient can expect to be in our office for a minimum of two-to-three hours.

Arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time with your identification, health insurance cards, and any referrals/medical records available to you.

Will my eyes be dilated?

Mostly likely both eyes will be dilated at each visit.

Will I be able to drive?

Most patients are able to drive after dilation, although you may prefer to bring a family member/friend along with you or arrange for transportation.

How do I pay my bill?

Mail all payments to our NYC office or call the billing department at (212) 861-9797, option 5.